Let your day be filled with
what inspires you.

Let your day be filled with
what inspires you.

Let your day be filled with
what inspires you.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Immerse yourself in the beauty of moments: slowing down to see the nature around you, gathering together for an intimate meal, renewing your body and mind through exercise, and exploring creativity using tools that fuel your passion.

Promoting warmth, balance and connection, Minix creates thoughtful products that bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life.

We’re Homelife Solution Innovator.
We’re Stubborn Go-getters
We’re Believers of Excellence

New Homelife, from Minix.
MINIX is a mini life brand for a lifestyle where anyone can enjoy beauty and relaxation even in a small space.

Minix is mobile!
Minix is the more than just a transportation. It captures the essence of freedom, liberation, and the soul beyond life itself. It embodies the essence of ‘now,’ surpassing any vehicle ever conceived.

It’s a redefinition of simplicity, joy, and fulfillment, connecting residency and spiritual liberation in your means of movement. It’s communication itself. It’s a mobile. Through a fusion of meditation, outdoor sports, and entertainment,

Minix will establish a unified ecosystem of living with Minix Home, WindGo and EV Cloud. It’s where mobile workplaces intersect with artistic spaces, giving rise to a unique cultural lifestyle.

Minix doesn’t confine itself to the letter ‘M’; it embodies character, sharing, and harmony. Its design will evolve, shaping many characters of ‘M’ and posing an artistic challenge for future generations.

Discover the world of M!
It’s Minix!

“Mini-full” Story
The best solution for mini daily life.
MINIX is a system that previously had to be given up or vacated due to narrow space.

We aim for a miniful life that becomes more surprising not only in space but also in everyday life as we move beyond a minimalism.

Our Concept

Our Concept

Our Concept

A Life of Non-Possession
Non-possession” does not mean having nothing. It does not mean to live as a penniless beggar. Rather than meaning having nothing, it is the idea of not possessing what we do not need.

When we understand the true meaning of “non-possession,” we can attain a more carefree and light-hearted life. A pure but honest life without excess that we have chosen is so much more noble and valuable than having abundant riches.

This is not some half-hearted lifestyle attitude; it is choosing to live a life of wisdom.

If we are not satisfied and don’t know how to be content, it is because we are not in harmony with the world we live in. If your mind is anxious and doesn’t know how to be content, it is because you are not in harmony with the world you live in.

We are but one part of everything that exists around us. Not one of us lives totally independent of others. We are all part of a whole, Person by person, we are each one part of a greater world. We are all intimately intertwined. This is our existence.

Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

Usability and aesthetic balance

Minix centers on beautiful, functional, long-lasting objects that engage the senses.
Focusing on aesthetic balance and usability, each piece is envisioned in conversation with the user to create subtle moments of enrichment.

Product Essence

These are essences that are woven into each of our product designs.


Products are designed to blend in harmoniously with the living space while adding a unique touch. We aspire to bring balance and enrichment to the everyday life.


We tend to reach unconsciously for obejcts that bring a sense of ease and rhythm to our daily life. Each product is thoughtfully designed with consideration for the user’s natural movements.


Objects to be loved and cherished evoke a sense of comfort. We wish to create products that form lasting connections with the user.


Materials that age beautifully gain a sense of depth and richness over time. We celebrate the subtly varying expressions of products as their charm.